SOLUTION-NOW is factory of MVP and technical partner of IT startups

We have strong-skilled team of 20 developers. We can give you the attention you expect. Focused on UX/UI design, Angular, Xamarin, NestJS Specialisation in management, dashboard, mobile app.

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The tasks that we solve most often

UX prototyping icon

UX prototyping

If you have an idea of a startup, want to pitch it to investors or stakeholders, we create interactive prototypes of your future software.

UX|UI inspection icon

UX|UI inspection

Evaluate your design and tell you what should or must be improved

Build web server icon

Build web server

Create a api for any application. Whether it's an online game, a messenger or a simple blog

Creating client applications icon

Creating client applications

We can create a rich and fast user interface for any platform based on the existing API or create a backend from scratch.

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